Elephants (in the room).

This morning I tweeted my frustration at how difficult it is to establish good, working relationships with the big Social Networks in putting together programs for our Clients. Immediately I got several DMs of people in similar positions to myself, stating that they, too, had this unpleasant experience.

It should NOT be that difficult to talk to my equivalents in big Social Network to iron out problems that, ultimately, reflect badly both on us and on the Network itself.

Social Networks and Agencies have all to gain from working together, imagining better and more engaging programs that ultimately will benefit our common Clients: yet it is my impression that the big Social Networks, taking perhaps their cue from Google, see Agencies as necessary evils, and think they can and will deal with our Clients directly, skipping the middleman and therefore making more money.

That is, they (the Social Networks) apparently do not believe we (the Agencies) add value with our ideas, creativity, analysis, understanding of the underlying marketing challenge; in other words, they do not believe OUR success becomes THEIR success, and therefore have no wish and are not organized to help us help them.

But maybe this is all due to one (or two) isolated cases, in which case it would be great to hear positive stories of good collaboration.


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