What kind of leader am I?

I just completed an MBTI / FIRO-B assessment together with all my colleagues in the Ketchum Pleon leadership team.

Interesting self insight which becomes more valuable when you share it, I think, and although I do not expect the oceanic crowds reading this blog to actually do anything with this information, in a way blogging about it is a way for me to understand this feedback at a deeper level.

There is plenty of literature about MBTI and FIRO-B, as both have been in use in academy and in management for over 50 years.

The most interesting thing is the overall personal report you get, which I find pretty on mark for me, but at the same time, there are a couple of surprises.
My MBTI type is ENTP, or Extrovert, Intuitive, Thinking and Perceiving and my FIRO-B needs analysis say that I crave (and give) most of all Inclusion, followed by Control and Affection being dead last.

The full report is way too detailed for anyone to be interesting, but the sum up is perhaps in these two sentences:

  • I enjoy bringing people with different talents together to take risks and solve challenging problems
  • My long term leadership approach is to create a highly involving and engaging work environment that fosters innovation and action. Which is both – I hope – a realistic assessment and a life project I fully subscribe to, and explains the high satisfaction I derive from my current job (hope I am not damaging my pay raise chances, here ;-). In essence, I am a better practice builder than country leader.

A couple of intesting improvement areas are also highlighted:

  • I give less than I take – meaning that in general terms, my behavioral needs are more “wanted” (i.e. what I expect from others) than “expressed” (i.e. what I do unto others), and particularly so in the Affection department, which is in general a weak spot for me
  • although I rate high on being outspoken, apparently I am inclined to go with the flow, “blend in” and only sometimes seek the spotlight. Had I to identify one of my weaknesses, I’d put my finger on too often trying to stand out from the crowd, but apparently this is not as bad as I thought. Or maybe not as much as I wanted.

Have you ever taken this test?

What type are you?


One thought on “What kind of leader am I?

  1. Hi Gianni, I am an INFP – introverted, intuitive, feeling, perceiving. On the firo-b, I have more expressed than wanted inclusion. about same expressed and wanted control, about same experessed and wanted affection.
    These kinds of instruments help us understand ourselves and others – and can inclrese our ability to work togther based on those insights.
    As the ancient saying goes – Know Yourself!
    Another way I like to say this: If you don’t know who you are, you’ll end up someone else!

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