Leclerc vs. Lactalis

Raining cats and dogs in beautiful Cote d’Azur, heating is on full blow and even though I am very proud of the insulation we built on the veranda roof, really working well, there is not much we can do, so we go shopping at the local Leclerc mall.

Most everyone must have made the same considerations, the place is packed, but my eye gets caught by this little poster in the dairy section:

Leclerc vs. Lactalis

For those who do not speak french, the poster says that Leclerc is against “price increases not justified by the dynamics of commodity prices” and commits to actively fight against such speculation. So far, so good: Arthur may call this a sensible CSR policy by a retailer.

But the surprise comes on the second part of the text, where Leclerc continues “Some multinationals exploit price dynamics to reap unjustified advantage at the expense of consumer, like for example Lactalis (list of all main Lactalis brands) who increased their prices two or threefold above its competitors who are subject to the same market conditions.

This is why you won’t find ANY Lactalis products on our shelves.”

Straight talk, indeed. Now, all it takes is for one shopper to be a blogger for this to spread from offline to online.

Oooops !


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