Contacts hell

Don’t know about you, but I am hounded by the need to synch my contacts across the various devices and platforms I use; this is also true for my calendar, but in reality my use case is satisfied by having a web version synced with my iPad, as I am either in front of my computer or have my iPad with me.

Contacts are different.

I have multiple email boxes, used on multiple platforms, not to mentions phone numbers which are used also in situations where it is just not practical to open my iPad to look for the right number – even worse, if the same person has different numbers, in principle I won’t know which one is the right one.

Yesterday I stumbled across, which promises to solve the problem; my first eight hours with the service (a yearly subscription costs EUR 29 and allows you to synch an unlimited number of contacts across an unlimited number of platforms) are very satisfying: I have successfully merged all of my various contact books into a consolidate one which obviously includes quite a few dupes that the software is trying to sort out but no doubt I will need to work on manually, but the main thing is that this deduping work will never be lost again.

Moreover, I needed a new work phone for a project and was able to pour in it my 1500+ contacts instantly – and it’s not like you always need a superduper smartphone, as this project’s phone is a cheapo Nokia brick. I was even able to synch my different Gmail boxes and I now have my email groups working across platforms. So far, well done Soocial !


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