#iPad2: pass!

I sacrificed 1 hour of my family time last night to watch the iPad2 announcement: the greatest thing was to see Steve owning the stage as always – the guy may be ill as he is, but surely doesn’t give up a good fight.

The product itself is a ‘Meh’ revision, probably leading to a more profound overhaul, which some pundits place at fall this year, even though I personally doubt it (two releases in one year?).

In essence, the iPad2 addresses problems I did not have with my  iPad1, and does not address the ones I have.

1) camera for videocalls / Facetime – a saw a great tweet on this: “All the people who never use FaceTime on their iPhone will now NOT use it on their iPad2″. Subscribe totally; the videocalling experience suffers so much at the hands of crappy broadband I turn the camera off on Skype most of the time anyway. Also, can someone explain: when I am using FaceTime as they show in this pic

I hope the software is smart enough to turn the picture on its side because that’s where the camera is when the device is in landscape mode. (It sure is.)

2) camera for pics / PhotoBooth – if I really must use a 1.3 pound camera, I’d go with a DSLR, thank you. I saw a guy shooting some video of his daughter on his Galaxy Tab the other day: clumsy and  totally un-ergonomic ! And Jesus, does someone really uses PhotoBooth for more than 5 minutes after s/he bought a Mac for the first time?

3) form factor – they made it thin, but what I hated were the weight and the bezel, and they are unchanged, so nothing for me here, as is the whole ruckus about black/white thing (did people REALLY care?); only good point I get a flat back, which I longed for.

4) smartcover – nice gimmick, but I need physical protection, and I don’t get it. Also the self cleaning liner thing is pure bollocks; use it for a week and you’ll tell me.

5) more GPU and dual-core A5 – that’s nice, but assumes I need it. My only processing power intensive task on the iPad is/would be Keynote, where I’d appreciate very much it were it to close in on the Mac version, but this won’t happen (should it ever) until they release a new version of iWork for iPad, right? This would be a total dealmaker for me, but other than that I don’t need lots of GPU cycles to play Angry Birds…

6) iOS4.3 – where’s my File System, Steve ?

7) HDMI out – that is very nice at home where I can have AirPlay, but not for business use, where I’d have to carry an AppleTV along to connect to any screen I want to show my presentation on.

8) iMovie – all I can say: Scoble was literally salivating about this, but he’s a professional videomaker on the go. I’m not.

9) storage – WTF, same lame 64gig ? I would like to store more movies for my boring flights, no joy!

10) USB / Thunderbolt – I don’t even know why I ask…

All in all, they seem to be positioning it farther away from business use and more into console-like domain, which may be a smart move for market sizes, but definitely NOT what I need.

3 thoughts on “#iPad2: pass!

  1. Pretty much agree (waiting for the Ipad3 in 6-9months).
    The only point I think you are missing something (not wrong, just missing!) is point 7) HDMI out.

    I was debating yesterday about presentation skills and “coaching” with someone who was at a high level presentation.
    The speaker was using Ipad connected with a cable… well… let me say that the message he was giving was completely disturbed by the image of him not being able to walk freely…
    The effort of bringing and connecting and airplay would have had a much better pay-off.

    in any case,, GRANDE Gianni!

    • I agree HDMI out would be great if it was wireless. Otherwise you would be walking tethered and it’s not what you want.
      Then HDMI has its own problems with recording or convertsing, but that’s not the point.
      And most projectors you find in enterprises will NOT have an HDMI input, right?

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