Are you listening, #TelecomItalia, #Broadsat? #fail

Can Social Media ever shake the bureaucracy? After several requests left at various call centres, I decided to try an alternative route. I harbor not much in terms of expectations, but at least I feel like I am doing something.

Beginning 05/07/2010
Here is my story: I just moved to a farmhouse in Lardirago, a small village located 7 km northeast of Pavia and 20km southwest of Milano. Smack in the middle of one of the western world’ richest areas.

I love my new house, and I love the fact that it is located outside the main village, however small; I do not love that I have no ADSL or fiber. I do not love that I have no UMTS service. I do not love that I cannot work from home. Every morning I waste one hour to go to work, even when I have no appointments and could happily work from my lounge overlooking my beautiful garden.

The City Hall says (and I believe them, I saw this with my own eyes) that they have done the digging and pipe laying and all other works; they claim to have notified of this readiness Telecom Italia Rete (the company that manages the physical network infrastructure) over 12 months ago, and have been waiting for them to do whatever they have to do to bring us at least ADSL.

I have not logged all the calls I placed, nor the hours spent in the parking lot of a Pavia shopping mall, the closest place with UMTS coverage at crazy times: this is a story I will tell if I get arrested for loitering because I am found by the police at 2am, purportedly “reading my email in my car”; I am sure this will be an exciting conversatin with a judge….!

If you read this, unknown representative of Telecom Italia, can you please speed this up? Please?

Update 01/09/2010
One of my friends said “I can’t believe there is not alternative solution”; well, I thought here was one, satellite Internet. I purchased and installed a very high-tech satellite connection that allegedly pipes up and down from the sky itself (Hotbird) from Broadsat. Except it does not really work.
After one year in exercise and several support calls I am still unable to approach anything that remotely resembles broadband; to be precise, most of the time there is no connection at all, not even enough to download email from Gmail.

Update 02/02/2011
Today I had a friendly call with someone from sales at Telecom Italia. They sympathize, but have not control, or knowledge of when “the network people” will perform the required work. They offered to log my request into the system, which means probably no more than a footnote somewhere, and the person suggested I call back every so often to rekindle the fire.
Not that it will make the slightest difference I am afraid.

Update 07/03/2011
Friendly bi-weekly call to 187, TI’s support center: “No, my area is not covered. No, the have no way to make a prediction. Would I like to purchase a wireless key? Oh, really, no UMTS? How weird!”
Also calling Broadsat; last time thy offered to do some tests, but I need to be home for those, and this in itself is not very easy, as I just found out that their lone technician won’t be in until 10:15, which kills my morning altogether :-(

Update 29/6/2011
Nice message (in the comments below) by Nicola from Broadsat; in fact I knew about the new service because Skylogic happens to be one of our clients and was wondering why I had not been offered the upgrade despite hammering mass market advertising. So I await eagerly the proposal…


3 thoughts on “Are you listening, #TelecomItalia, #Broadsat? #fail

  1. Hello,

    It is Nicola from Broadsat, we have spoken at the telephone a few times, also to try fixing your wireless network.

    I’ve just found your post and I want to reply your information just to make some points clear.

    1- Broadsat is not the owner of this product, this is a Skylogic Tooway service and Broadsat is one of Skylogic reseller.

    2- Broadasat has choosen to resell tooway service because we are in the satellite market since 10 years and this is the best satellite service on the market now (price/quality)

    3- As written on the contract and in the service description this is a service that provide a quantity of traffic at a guaranteed speed, after this traffic the service slow down. So it is important to choose a solution between Bronze, Silver and Gold products that fits the customer requirements.
    It is also possible to buy burst traffic that avoid the problem of teh fair access policies.

    It could be possible that the usage you made of the service is a little bit higher than the one provided by the service you have bought.

    Now there is the Tooway2 service who provide higher speed and higher quantity of data at a lower price. We are making a proposal to all our customer to upgrade their services and you will be contact shortly.

    In any case you can contact us whenever you want to find a solution together for your needs

    Kind Regards
    The Broadsat Team

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