Crystal ball

“No, no, no, I won’t do a round of iPad 2 predictions”
“But you got almost all of them right last time”. What the hell:

1 – more memory (128, 256 and perhaps even 512 GB)
2 – screen stays 4:3 for as long as El Jobso has his way
3 – camera, backfacing only (I know I’m pushing this one, but everyone says two cameras, and I say no way Steve will condone the clumsiness of taking picture with this… slab)
4 – I would have said retina display, but there’s too many rumors which say No, so I’m going with the rumors: No retina
5 – lighter (please!) – maybe replacement for the alubody. Liquidmetal, now THAT would be ubercool, but seems a little far away (someone I read said “This is Tony Stark stuff!”)
6 – can we have a flat back now, please, dad?
7 – USB
8 – longer battery life, replaceable
9 – MUCH smaller bezel
10 – daresay… a real dock?

I realize I myself don’t believe half of these, but if the were true…


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