Looking up some stock valuations at 9:30CET 17/2/2011 (disclaimer: I do not own ANY of these – not that anybody would care, of course!)

AAPL = $334B;  MSFT = $220B; INTC = $120B

What I see here is that the Apple stack is now worth almost as much as the Windows stack; not a homogeneous comparison because there are a dozen companies manufacturing the Windows PCs and they, too create value (Dell, HP, Acer, Toshiba, etc.), but it is telling that what used to be <10% of the market creates comparable investor value as the other 90+%.

Also, while we don’t know how the AAPL value is allocated, the Windows stack analysis (using Dell = $30B as an example) tells us that’s 60% software, 32% chip, 8% hardware.


One thought on “Arithmetic

  1. Hi Gianni: Check out the graph in last week’s Economist that shows Apples handset at 50%. Apple are still at the value end of the market and their share price reflects that….Peter

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