Whose political leadership?

Politics are hardly my forte, as the regulars of this blog know well. I am mildly interested in its effects, which being italian gives me even more reasons to stay away from it.

One of the most recurring comments I see is that mr. Berlusconi is in power simply because the leftist opposition cannot offer a credible alternative; I used to think that this inability is what disgraces this country.

This weekend, maybe under the influence of a marginal additional failure by the Government to pass a federalist tax reform which was a bulwark of its program, I realized that the opposite is true, and that Italy’s problem is not “a left wing who cannot offer an alternative credible Prime Minister candidate”, but “a right wing (holding a numerically significant majority in the country) who cannot offer an alternative Prime Minister” candidate.

The leadership problem is with the right, not with the left!


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