Choice Architecture

Through analyst Tomi Ahonen I discovered this excellent post by Jonathan Macdonald which I advise you to read in its entirety: short, well-written, to the point.

[…] the ultimate requirement for the success of permission based mobile marketing (and, in fact, any personal media communication), is understanding how people make choices and structuring communication accordingly.

I do think that this concept goes way beyond the framework initially addressed by Jonathan, and is the firm basement on which the whole permission-based economy is founded: consumers expect and assume that marketeers earn their right to attempt to influence their opinion-making process by understanding their Choice Architecture and therefore adapting their marketing message to fit.

The tools through which you understand the Choice Architecture can be many: in our case we use the term Insight and we derive it from a deep analysis of the thematic ontology implicit in the spontaneous conversations.

I wish I could share a discussion panel with Jonathan.


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