3D VoD?! not really !

Today was a heavy news day: Berlusconi may be indicted for underage prostitution, Steve Jobs taking a medical leave of absence and then the world’s first 3D VoD service is being launched in this country.

Having seen these three items in this sequence the last almost escaped me, and then I thought, wait a minute.

This is the country where only half of houselholds have access to broadband (and my house is NOT among the lucky half) and you’re telling me someone chose HERE to test one of the most bandwidth intensive applications? WTF??

But reading beyond the headline clarifies everything:

[…] Unlike true VoD services where the files are stored on a remote server and streamed in real-time to the user, 3VOD stores the files locally on a set top box.
When the film is complete on the hard disk, it appears in the user’s electronic programme guide for viewing. As the film is being served from the hard disk there are no issues of latency, buffering or quality concerns. […]

So let me get this straight: they’ll pump the movies they want to my system and they’ll call this Video on Demand because I can pick which movie to watch among their 50 titles or so?

Should’ve called that IVoD, VoD italian-style…


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