Important educational announcement

I realized today one of my friends (I won’t expose him, it is not his fault if he grew with such an important gap in his culture) does not know who is

El Kabong!

A secret identity for Quick Draw McGraw, El Kabong! fights the bad guys hitting them on the head with his guitar, hence the honomatopeic name. A quick perusal of Wikipedia reveals that the name also indicates a pro wrestling move, predictably consisting of smashing a guitar on the opponent (not quite sure which wrestling character uses this move, must ask Jack). Finally, El Kabong is also a “quick, but forgiving SAX-style HTML parser”. Or whatever.

El Kabong!

Many aspects of this hero are to this day shrouded in mystery: for example, scholars around the world are still debating important questions such as:

  • where is attached the rope he hangs from?
  • why – while perfectly able to rope-fly – he seems utterly incapable of performing landings?
  • where does he hide the guitar when it’s not in sight?
  • why does he always warns villains by shouting “Kabong!” before doling out punishment?

But these  academic discussions which do not prevent laymen like us from enjoying the completely silly ways in which our hero dispatches villains so bad even Quick Draw McGraw cannot deal with.

Should you desire to further your preparation on the matter, here is an additional contribution:


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