Hoaxes and the Media

Twitter spread a false rumor about actor Owen Wilson having died of a ski accident? Well, in my case, this goes a little different: I have indeed retweeted the story when I saw it on one of of our major dailies, “Il Sole 24 Ore” who then promptly removed it when it was exposed as a hoax, but not before some quick soul snapped an image:

Where did the journalist from il Sole get the story? Did he check his sources? Obviously not.

These days WWD Media tells us that iPad versions of magazines and journals, after an initial novelty-driven interest spike, are not “saving newspapers” as some too quickly predicted.

This humble blog already put on the record that until such a time as publishers understand what makes New Media truly “new” no amount of flashy (pun intended) UI will save the publishing industry from its decline.

And certainly, journalists seeking to ape Twitter will have their wish granted at once.


3 thoughts on “Hoaxes and the Media

  1. I read a blog recently about a comedian who apologized for an insulting remark (when he didn’t say anything in the first place) and he was verbally attacked for his ‘offensive statements’ and a furore erupted. Great publicity for him but more unreliability for twitter. I copied the url for you. Read the comments…even they get a bit heated. I think you’ll enjoy it.

  2. Interesting story, but with one important difference: this snafu wasn’t planned.

    Faux-apology (issuing an apology for something your client didn’t do in the first place) is in fact one of the oldest tricks in PR, and while it might be considered a bit tired, raise your hands all flacks who never-ever used it….

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