Book review: “What technology wants” (by Kevin Kelly)

I just finished reading “What technology wants” by Kevin Kelly. This book IMHO finishes better than it starts: its final chapters contain more of the Author’s original and thought-provoking ideas, (including the bits featured in M.Wesch’ “The Machine is Us” excellent video) giving me once again the impression he had a short essay’ worth of material which his publisher asked him to “pad” to the standard 250-page management book size.

I hate it when they do this: not so much because I feel cheated paying for nconsequential drivel, but because I’d gladly pay the same amount of money for the short essay, for the privilege of saving the time to wade through the padding to find the meat.

It absolutely is another instance of publishers not getting the essence of the Social Media revolution, and feels like music publishers clinging on to their beloved album format, even though the world wanted to buy singles.

These people refused to see that consumers did buy the albums only because it was the only way to get to the good songs, and even claimed he “wholeness” of the artistic work could not be cut up in little pieces, in essence stating that their own customers were too stupid to understand this and needed to be “guided” to prevent them from making errors.

Well, I guess a consensus has been reached on music: people can still buy albums when they feel like it, but can also buy singles.

You can’t do this with Kelly’s (or any other author’s AFAIK) book, but if you decide to buy it, and I think you should, do yourself a favor and fast forward to the last 50 pages.


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