To the a$$holes of #Vodafail

Just landed in London, trying to check in at the airport, but iPad won’t work because I am over my roaming data traffic limit.

I complained last week about non receiving any hint about this being the problem (instead of some other malfunctioning), but I cannot say this is the case any longer: as soon as I switch data roaming on, my home carrier, Vodafone, informs me that I have splurged a little too much, but that I can always opt to splurge even more by visiting some 100-char long address (I thought we had those newfangled thingies called *ahem* links, but obviously this state-of-the-art info has not reached them, yet).

The dialog box, lest they entertain anything remotely resembling a conversation with me, only bears an “OK” button, which I dutifully press to acknowledge receipt of message.

From that moment on, some braindead programmer decided I need to see the same message every second or so, engaging with my finger in a sort of videogame: to regain control of my device, I must press “OK” and then immediately switch off the browser, go to Settings and switch off the data roaming option. All along while being bombarded by more messages which I cannot ignore because they pile up and prevent me from accessing anything else.

As this simple operation is performed on a train, it takes me the full ride from Heathrow to Paddington, meaning I cannot take advantage of the train free wifi to check my mail.

So here is some free advice for whoever is monitoring this at #Vodafail:

  1. If you want to sell me more traffic, propose so in a dialog box where I can answer “Yes” or “No”
  2. If it is “Yes”, take me directly to the page where I buy traffic
  3. If it is “No”, leave me alone in peace with my offline device.


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