Since yesterday, my iPad lost its ability to connect to cellular data networks other than the “home” one of Vodafone IT. I have no idea if and when this crucial (for me) feature will be restored, and what I should to to have it back.

No error message, simply it won’t go online when abroad – I suspect the reason is this. Obviously, preventing carriers from hitting me with huge charges is A Good Thing, but wouldn’t I be entitled to a warning, or a message ? What if I absolutely needed to go online for crucial business reasons?

Shouldn’t I – for example – be given the option of buying some more traffic? It seems they feel allright about can ripping me off behind my back, but talk to me like a person, asking me if I’d like to buy more? That is way too much honor, it would be like recognizing I am not a simply a cash cow, but a person. Well, this cow is sick and tired of this utter lack of respect and says #Moo!

And if you too feel like a cow, then #moo! along with me. #Moo! #Moo! #Moo! #Moo! #Moo! #Moo! #Moo! #Moo! #Moo! #Moo! #Moo! #Moo! #Moo! #Moo!


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