Turkish delight

Two and a half day in Turkey, what did I learn?

Spoke to all kinds of interesting people, my colleagues, journalists at very big magazines, bloggers with huge followers lists, net entrepreneurs – I think as usual I took more than I gave, but always had stimulating conversations.

There are many enlightening moments that I will try to remember: the conversation with Ismail about the future of media, or the lunch with Fatos and Elif where we talked about the “rules” (never thought of them that way) or why do you go to a bar or the discussions with Ozlem and Aylin about what it takes to make an agency “digital”, or again the feelings Burak described when “being pitched”.

Perhaps my key learning was that this could have been Denmark or France or, obviously, Italy – same issues, same situation, same challenges.

Same stubborn clients who fear Social Media and think they need to control them, same media trying to design for themselves a new life in this digital world; same PR consultants wondering how will their job change, same bosses thinking how to transform their businesses.

But nowhere else I can look outside the window and see another continent!

A bridge between Europe and Asia

One thought on “Turkish delight

  1. Hi, my friend..
    It was a great fun to meet with you and learn from you… Many thanks again. Best regards and greetings from Istanbul… We would be very happy to welcome you in our beatiful city again…

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