Spread the word!

Some of my best posts originate from questions I get from my colleagues. A good example is this question I received yesterday from Leslie in Brussels, who asked: “My client is releasing this great White Paper. How can I leverage this valuable content in a Social Media context?”

So, here goes my answer:

  1. put it where it  can be accessed by the masses
    1. turn in Powerpoint and put it on Slideshare
    2. share the PDF on Issuu or Scribd or both
    3. attach the PDF to the Client blog (if they have one) or media room (if they have one) – if they don’t have them, then maybe you should do some additional selling, here ;-D
    4. turn it into an educational video (see Lee Lefever’s CommonCraft for inspiration) and stick it on Youtube (there are a number of low-cost options to turn a Powerpoint into a decent movie, see an example here)
    5. wherever you post it, make sure a permalink is available (i.e. we don’t want to drive people to 404s, right ?)
  2. once it’s posted, spread the word linking back to it:
    1. research where people are talking about that topic (forum, newsgroups, blogs)
    2. develop and post messages on those boards; be considerate, respectful and disclose your affiliation with the Client, e.g. “Hi, this is Gianni; this discussion is really interesting. My client XYZ recently released a White Paper you might find valuable <link>”
    3. DO NOT SPAM !!!! Very important! Always read before you post.
    4. if you have a good number of followers, Tweet about it

No rocket science, but it works!


One thought on “Spread the word!

  1. Gianni
    True that inspiration often comes from our interaction with our ecosystem (questions and readings).
    I’d add to what you say that it’s better to find relevant people for your ‘industry/niche’ and build a rolodex of them, find relevant content from them in regards to the white paper. chances that there will be another white paper, another piece of content that one want to spread and those people would be a good ‘target’.

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