A modern day hero

Who says being the head of Media Relations is a desk job? It’s not!

It’s anything but that, it’s frontline, it’s firefighting, it’s contant tension and turning on a dime, is having your idea hamster on speed all the time.

Now imagine you are the head of Media Relations for ms. Letizia Moratti, who is the Mayor of Milano. As if things were not tough enough in running a city the size of Milano, a research outfit publishes this study, measuring the popularity of the Mayors of the 27 largest italian cities, where ms. Moratti ranks dead last.

Hardly you have the time to digest the news, your boss storms into your office and yells: “You got to do something about this! I can’t have my reputation devastated like this – not while I am preparing my re-election bid!!!”

So what do you do? How do you put a silver lining on this ? Downing pills or snorting lines will hardly do the job, what’s needed here is masses of raw processing power, loads of creativity cycles or maybe prayers. Whatever the system, it works because ka-zam ! we have a solution:

On today’s issue of the online magazine of the Comune di Milano ms. Moratti is hailed as the “most loved woman Mayor”.

I tip my hat to you, unknown Press Officer for the Comune di Milano!


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