I lost !

Remember this?

Well, it turns out I was completely wrong: Pietro and Michela left to set up their own PR consultancy which will be called (scoop!) BMP Comunicazione; on one side I’m bummed because they took a good client with them, on the other hand I cannot but sympathize with the excitement of doing their own thing.

So, only once, and only today because it’s my birthday: good luck, BMP Comunicazione !


One thought on “I lost !

  1. Dear Gianni,
    so here is our comment….
    You know, we’ll never forget our years in your agency, you and all the
    colleagues there, all the experiences we shared.
    We appreciated lots your kind words on the phone as well as your posts.
    Really. Thank you very much.
    So, we wish you a belated (1 day) Happy Birthday.
    And a sincere “good luck” to Pleon and its business!*
    Michi and Pietro

    *(but only once and only till Friday, because it will be my birthday! Pietro ;-)

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