Summer project: Winscape!

Should you not have heard of Winscape (I hadn’t until Marcello showed it to me), do watch this.

In the new house I have a dead end corridor connecting the sleeping quarters to the living quarters: the previous owner had a giant mirror covering the otherwise empty wall, but I decided I will install there a Winscape.

A couple of design improvements I am attempting:

  • the wall itself will be an aluminum frame covered by a plaster plaque cut out to reveal the TVs; the frame will be hinged on the floor and ceiling to allow opening (just like a door with a push-release lock) for easy servicing of the TVs; the weight will also be carried by a rubber (not to damage the wooden floor) roller on the far end.
  • the “real” wall behind the faux one will be pierced and the Mac mini feeding videos to the screens will be conveniently placed on a library in the adjacent living room allowing easy and direct access
  • there will be a gap between the plaster wall and the real one, and aeration grids will be placed in this gap – to allow air circulation without fans which I think are noisy.
  • to add to the window illusion, the screens cut-outs will be framed by the front part of a real window, complete with (non-working) handle

I must explore alternative LED array sensor design, as the one provided by the good folks at RationalCraft is – by their own admission – a bit clumsy.


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