Snapper break-in

I knew this thing was fun since I saw “Forrest Gump”, so I can’t say I am surprised, but it is one of these things you don’t want to overly hype it in case it’s a letdown… Well, it’s not! Mowing my yard with the brand new Snapper rider is LOADS OF FUN !

It took me and Federico about an hour to do the 2400 sqm, especially given trees and other obstacles, and no doubt we must practice to become more efficient, but even our first ride was incomparably more fun than mowing our tiny little yard in the old place.

Money well spent!

One point, though: the assembly was NOT trivial at all – thanks God we had Marco at hand, as he’s far more versed in these things than yours truly; another helping hand (or arms) came from Muhammad and Omar, who are working on our renovation and were strong enough to lift the thing off to put on the wheels and the mowing deck: without them, I’d probably still be wondering how on hell I can do that! Also, mr. Enzo from the reseller was very patient and guided us over the phone when we got stuck, good job!


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