So long Pietro and Michela!

This week, two long time colleagues resigned. I am sorry to see them go, but I do understand people getting excited about new things – smart people do want to push themselves, see if they can make it, take on new challenges.

Of course on the agency side this means an effort to reallocate responsibilities to make sure there is no disruption in service for clients, as well as the need to put things in perspective with the other employees, so that everybody understands and has the opportunity to ask questions to management. I think we are pretty good at that, and we are fortunate enough to enjoy very straightforward client and people relationships: open and direct communication helped a lot in the joint management of this little crisis.

After these immediate needs were addressed, our attention turned at guessing where Pietro and Michela are going, something we will not know for a few more days. As always, there are three potential answers: join a competing agency, go independent, join a client.

My initial guess was the first one: they are good professionals and have excellent credentials – any agency would gain from them joining. However, sleeping over it made me change my mind and I will venture not only to change my vote to c) but also to guess which company.

In my opinion, Pietro and Michela are joining a newly formed or relaunched company in the Finmeccanica group, among the largest in Italy, who a few years ago bought Datamat, a company we successfully supported for many many years and where Pietro enjoyed excellent relationships and is held in great professional esteem.

This would explain why the confidentiality (assuming this is a newco, they’d want to keep it confidential), why the short notice (an announcement might be impending and the’d want for the team to be fully operational by then), would explain why two people (Finmeccanica is a very large concern and their communications needs are proportional to their size), as well as explaining another client-related detail I will not discuss here, not to mention a couple of subtle nuances which did strike me in the conversations with them.

Finally, it would explain Pietro’s reference to “deciding what to do when I grow up” in his parting message: such an opportunity – no doubt – would be perceived by him as one of significant professional growth.

Of course, other explanations are possible, but no other did tick all the boxes for me; now it’s on the record – I guess the jury won’t take long on this one…


2 thoughts on “So long Pietro and Michela!

  1. Ciao Gianni,

    You might be right and I’m very sorry to read these news. I do hope you can fill the gap and secondly I absolutely hope that Michela and Pietro will have a successful start at their newco. And Finmeccanica is a great company.

    So, for both parties all the best

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