Labor Camp

We are now firmly established in the new home, albeit with subpar comfort. When I say this to my friends, I can tell they think of the nuisance of boxes still lying around, or misplaced items.

Our “lack of comfort” goes a little deeper than that.

  1. the grass is almost half a meter tall, and hasn’t received any water in three weeks (average daytime temp here is around 32 °C); I feebly attempted manual watering, but I totally misjudged the size of the new yard – this place needs a proper watering system.
  2. two bathrooms are in operation, but each has only half of the facilities really running, so we can brush our teeth in one, and shower in the other.
  3. talking of which, no hot water – the joys of a cold morning showers !
  4. we have NO furniture whatsoever, except the garden’ and a slate of inflatable beds
  5. no Internet connection, except with a datacard. In most cases, the iPad is my best option
  6. no TV nor radio, no morning paper (again except what I have on the iPad)
  7. lighting is patched together to be generous – the previous owner ripped off anything that could have even the remotest use, I believe far beyond what’s fair (washbasins, aircon units, outside shaders, bathroom fixtures…)
  8. over half of the house is being sledgehammered at by muscular guys who already tore down two walls, and ripped off the floors in four or five rooms – the rubble pile is higher and higher.

This weekend should prove pivotal: gardeners are coming to install the watering system, grass is being cut (plus I’m getting one of those cute ride-on mowers – THAT should be fun!); the plumbers will restore one bathroom to full functionality and give us hot water, as well as install the well pump to get our own water for garden use; the antenna guy will install the satlink which should hurl this place in the 21st century.

Yesterday for the first time we heard music coming from the disco, and if that is noise, none of us will give rat’s ass about it – they will probably complain more about the noise WE make !

In all this mess, and with the full realization that over-budgeting will be inevitable, I am still elated at the situation, the more we work on this, the more it will be our own.


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