Corporate guerrilla

This is a worthy addition to my set of corporate stories. After 25+ years of corporate life more or less uninterrupted, this year I am adding two important experiences to my arsenal: the first one is a merger, and as everybody knows, by the time a merger gets consummated in every country, things can happen, some people win, some people lose. I am about to see whether I am a good jostler or not, but feel strangely serene about it.

The second is the rip&replace of a captive group supplier with an external one, bringing better service and cheaper rates.

I must say I had expected the fight to be hard, and resistance to be fierce, but I had not expected the low blows, the FUD, the systematic throwing of sand in the cogs to stop them.

I know who you are, mr. Incumbent, and if you read my blog, you’d recognize yourself! You have been a brave fighter, stopping at literally nothing to keep a business you have served so badly, and although so far your attempts to derail the handover process have lead to nothing more than a few weeks’ delay – who knows – you might have more tricks up your sleeve.

But I want to make this statement now, while the fat lady hasn’t sung, yet: I shall overcome !

You hear that? I shall overcome, because it’s the best for the company, for the people who work here, for the clients who entrust us with their business, who deserve a more responsive service, for our shareholders who deserve for their money not to be wasted.

But, perhaps more importantly for me, I shall overcome because with your tactics you have shown your true self, and I need to believe that THIS cannot be allowed to win in the end!

UPDATE: looks like the forces of evil have been chased  back in their dark lair! Beaten but not forever, I know they will come back at the first opportunity. But for now, the white hats won !!


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