Stupid ads #2

“I am from Basilicata” said with an accent so thick it sounds like one of those gangsta movies.

The ad then continues by saying that you should check out Basilicata (a region in the south of Italy) for your holidays, because “it exists”.

Not because it’s beautiful, not because of its sandy beaches, not because of the works of art which you can find in many of its cities. No, only because it exists.

Like my city dump. Or the sewer system under my feet. Or the depressed periphery of any big city. Not a very compelling proposition.

So why would any administration buy such a stupid ad? Because it is not their money, it is the EU development funds that get allocated to depressed areas like Basilicata – but if Basilicata does not find the strength to refuse this approach (come to see me because I exist) and starts competing on the many strengths it has, nothing will really change, and depressed areas will remain depressed.

And stupid admen wil remain stupid.


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