Moving #3!

If you laughed at my six non-working landline phone, my three non-working cassette player will kill you!

I recognize an obsession for music portability, because all three are either Sony Walkmans or cheap knockoffs. I also dug out (and finally disposed of) about 50 cassettes, most of which contained my mixes.

Mirella is a rather compulsive garbage sorter, but even she could not quite figure out whether a tape cassette is plastic or not. In the end my superior engineering knowledge prevailed and she declared the outside jewel box a piece of plastic, the inside sleeve cardboard while the actual cassettes were unceremoniously dumped in the undifferentiated bin.

It was rather fun to look at the stuff I was listening to in the mid seventies: for the most part, I still listen to that music (ok, maybe not so much Elton John) but the Beatles, Stones, Zep are absolutely still here.


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