Blue oceans

Today’s session was particularly rewarding: our affiliates from around the world are such a smart bunch! And it was the first time for me meeting some of those coming from the Ketchum side, while it is always a great pleasure to seeolder friends like Olaf, Alexander or Marina.
I think we had a great discussion and I decided I’d start using with them a notion that Rob took from a book by W.Chan Kim and Rene’ Mauberge called Blue Ocean Strategy which is about creating uncontested market spaces.
I realized this is exactly how I look at Digital for us at Ketchum, and why I have such a hard time connecting with what I hear in a lot of conferences and seminars.
BTW, I also think this is why our clients like so much what we do, even though sometimes it takes a while for them to realize they like us so much ;-)
A unique approach sometimes makes you feel lonely, but if I didn’t feel lonely maybe it would be a sign our approach is not so unique, after all.
I look forward to working closer with some of these people in the near future…!


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