Since we officially started the process of moving by starting to pack stuff, I thought I’d celebrate this with a brand-new blog skin, more colourful and – possibly – more readable than austere Hemingway, this is called Greyzed and feels more aggressive, urban, “rough”.

Moving is a lot of work, but also a time of excitement, you shuffle things around and reorganize how you live your space – doesn’t take moving, you might say – but it does for us. Too lazy otherwise. I’ll record here some of curio we come across in this four weeks period, leading to the actual physical move, scheduled for july 7th.


I always knew we have “a lot” of books. But exactly how many is “a lot”? Well, so far we filled 110 cartons, each containing an average of 30, so we’re at 3,300, probably will end at around 3,500 or so.


One thought on “Moving!

  1. Oh you lucky souls!
    3500 books! I I though we were big on them too!
    Since Judy’s passing I have decided to clean not only her items but do an imaginary move and clean out as much as I can. Clearly a good objective for my 60 th Birthday in August.
    Eero and I on the way to Finland to see my mother for the last time as she is very close to passing away.
    Eero wants to see your library!
    So let’s hope we meet soon

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