Stupid ads #1

This can be a fun category I just decided to create to record some of the stupidest ads I come across.

Brand: Subaru Legacy

Ad message: buy this car and we’ll throw in enough free gas to run 20,000 km

Client: Are you done?

Petrol Station attendant: Almost Sir, but how much gasoline does this tank hold?

C: Enough to do 20,000 kilometers.

PSA: But where will you go? This is bigger than a highway toll booth !

No, it’s not.

Even my Merc does better than 10km with 1 liter, but for simplicity let’s say to run 20,000km you need 2,000 liters of gas, i.e. 2,000 cubic decimeters (1 lt = 1 cu dm), or a square prism 1m x 1m x 2m in size, i.e. way smaller than almost any car, bar a Smart.

Admen are counting on most people not doing the math: they want to convince us that they’re giving you “a truckload of free gasoline”, which would kind of fizzle should you find out the truck is the size of a Fiat 500…


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