Multiple Google calendars on the iPad

I like to use the iPad as I was using my iPod Touch, i.e. a more portable, no startup time window on my business world.

And managing my time is one of tasks I most commonly am faced with, so making sure the calendar I am consulting is complete and up to date is essential.

Unfortunately, Google Sync only allows one calendar at a time to be synced (until, like so many other things, OS 4) which means I either sync my personal calendar or work calendar or the agency’s full events calendar.

Fail !

However, you must always trust ’em Boards, and today I found this excellent workaround by Kevin Tofel which walks you through an ingenious little hack to address that problem.

One word of caution, though: if you, like me, are not US-based, make sure you access the US Google Sync page, by using the explicit URL:

Happy calendaring !


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