A dream case

Sometimes I am myself surprised when the application of our theories and views about the way brands ought to interact with Social Media deliver such excellent results.

Yesterday I got an email from one of our young social media experts, Fabio, who tells me a tale of a social media outreach we did on behalf of our client Casio.

For the launch of a new watch series, the team scoured the web to find communities dedicated to discussion of watches, new models, etc., until they found a guy nicknamed Schirra who is one of the moderators of a small but vibrant such community, TimeZone Italia; they followed the community for a while, understanding what the hot buttons of that particular group were and matching them to the messages of an upcoming product launch event.

Schirra was then invited to the press conference and reported back to his group, which unanimously welcomed the consideration and attention of Casio to their community, praising also the hands-off approach that offered them all the information without the slightest attempt to “control” the conversation.

You show them respect and offer something valuable, and they’ll repay with their attention. Simple as that.

One other interesting bit of data tells us that in the 48 hours immediately after the announcements, the thread got around 45 comments/posts and almost 500 views, showing a L/P (lurker-to-poster) ratio slightly higher than empirical value of 8 which we commonly use.

Well done, Casio team !


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