Bad iPad news

Sadly, despite the many reviews I read, NONE of the “experts” who tested the iPad obviously had any idea about doing any real work with it and did not check out the business side.

Today I finally got around testing the compatibility of iWork for iPad with the Mac version and, guess what, it is NOT!

Mind you, I am not fussing over about some minor little points of incompatibility, I am talking of taking a beautiful Keynote presentation and stripping it of smooth moving actions, 3D charting, object texturing, lighting options, advanced transitions – in short, turning it into the dullest of Powerpoints !

Keynote is a true CPU hog which needs every ounce of processing power it can squeeze out of the 2.5 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo – running on a single 1GHz A4 meant castrating all the high end features.

This only leaves the option of using the Quicktime export function assuming the rendering is good enough quality. This also means my work machine CANNOT be a big iMac, as I need to be able to carry it along e.g. on a multi-day trip.


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