Day 1

My day 1 impression has nothing to do with Apple or the iPad and all to do with Vodafone.


It’s bad enough not being able to do on the air activation for the SIM: c’mon folks, AT&T does it, it can’t be THAT complicated… but not in Europe. Here, the included time machine (yes, a very un-green paper leaflet) transports me back in the 1990’s and says I must go to a store.

So yesterday I walk into a Vodafone store but they say “Sorry Sir, our systems will enable activation starting tomorrow, may 28th, official day of release”; serves me well for being early, I hear you saying.

Except today I do the same and the lady says “Nope, the systems are not ready, yet !”

Hello Vodafone, did you live in a cave for the last six months or what? You are front and center in one of the most ballyhooed product launches in modern history and allow yourself to be caught with your pants down? How hard can it be to have your systems ready on day 1 to accommodate the tidal wave of footfall this planetary marketing stunt is creating for you?

Dude, talk about messing up a huge marketing campaign…


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