Airport scenes

I so wish Lufthansa had known about whichever problem they had on the aircraft that was supposed to take me to London BEFORE I left for the airport, but sometimes shit just happens so I now have the not-entirely-new pleasure of four hours waiting for the next flight. Oh, well…

I have scheduled this post to publish at the time of my departure, so I can go back and add things that I see around me – this could even become a new literary genre, but by putting together airport and haiku I get “hairku” – blah !

17:15 – there’s a girl going through security with six-inch white pumps – I guess she hasn’t got to run for her flight…

17:28 – four girls, one baby, unclear who’s her mother; baby rolls on floor, girl #1 picks her up, baby plays with water bottle, drops it on floor and chases it all around, girls go on chatting, baby catches bottle and slobbers it all around – bottle is now clean! *cringes*

17:52 – is this boy japanese or korean? fairly engrossed by his iPhone

18:01 – up yours, Lufthansa! I refuse to accept your bribery meal (and besides the self-service restaurant is depressing) and will instead splurge on a nice prosciutto and mozzarella di bufala – will cheer me up

18:15 – stopped to do a quick post on Internet languages; boy, the World Internet Stats it’s so rich, and it’s all free !  Note to self: make better use of it in client presentations…

18:18 – I picked the wrong table; the guy next to me is yamming about his business in Rumania (anyone interested in steel piping? I have a tip for you…); he has none the less than three friggin’ phones on his table, and for some reason he jumps from one to the other

18:24 – I can’t believe this, why does he need to speak so loud? even Mike Korea is annoyed, he stopped doing whatever he was doing to look at Joe Rumania. Better finish off my cappuccino and move out

18:47 – Mike Korea has left – lucky him, his flight must be going; I have been ogling a power plug, my battery says I only have 55 minutes left. I wonder why airports are so stingy when it comes to charging stations. Shouldn’t this be basic commodity amply available?

18:55 – elderly oriental couple sitting side-by-side and staring blankly; they haven’t exchanged a word in the last ten minutes, but not like they’re reading or listening to music or anything – just eerily gazing at, well, nothing. Joe Rumania shut up, but extracted a ferocious-looking cigar – hope he does not intend to smoke that THING

19:04 – hooray! I have located a plug; sadly, there’s no seat near so I’m camping while the battery charges

19:35 – just saw another “power leech” across the hall; he is sitting on the floor but he looks more Corporate than me, does he feel embarrassed?

19:36 – doing some email, and getting angry at something; I think I’ll go email-incommunicado for a while

19:41 – canceled what promised to be a fun dinner with David and Rod

19:41 – can’t help thinking this would be so much easier on an iPad, I feel clumsy and disorganised

19:48 – my little camping site is growing; I have eyeglasses, notepad, phone all scattered around me, feel like a gypsy

20:15 – gate’s out, time to move; besides, I have tried sitting on a nearby seat, but the power cable keeps getting tripped by passersby. Good thing the Magsafe connectors unplugs without anyone getting hurt, but this cannot work. Chance wants that the two of three people who tripped on my line are good looking young women, maybe it’s a new pick up technique

20:36 – the gate area is actually more furnished in plugs, all carefully far from seats however

21:16 – a funny bench where EVERYONE is tapping on a laptop, this must be the crowd going to London


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