R.I.P. Judy

Today I lost my friend Judith Feder. It indeed a great loss for a lot of people, her family, her colleagues at Brodeur and her clients.

I have known Judy for maybe fifteen years, and we worked for quite a bit of time on the IBM account on our respective geographies, and I am pretty sure there is going to be many sad people there as well. These were not the easiest years on the account, but one thing we had in common is a never-give-up attitude. A true fighter, also through the ordeal of her illness.

I considered her a good friend, and I know she felt likewise; even after our business connection with the Brodeur organisation weakened, we kept corresponding and a couple of years ago she and her family visited us for a week in St Raphael – it was a great holiday which both families enjoyed very much. She kept asking us to reciprocate at her place on Martha’s, but it was one of those things we simply did not get around to doing in time.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I’ll miss her and wish I could be closer to Tapani, Eero and Eliel. So long, my friend.


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