One of the most exciting speaking opps ever today, at the SDA Bocconi I spewed pearls of Social Media wisdom on a fine audience of about 250 marketing execs.

Although I did my fair bit of public speaking, I must admit that the setup in the Aula Magna intimidated me a little and was slightly on the tense side when starting – then as usual the relationship with the audience clicked and it was pretty smooth sailing; time control was OK even though squeezing it in 25′ WAS a challenge, but hopefully not TOO fast.

I never realized how much I hate being stuck behind the podium, definitely manoeuvering room is a must for me; the Aula is radically beautiful if slightly old-fashioned but then again, this was the old building, where the biz school is located; I can only imagine what it must be like to speak in the University spanking new one…

An unusual number of people came over to ask the eternal “That WAS NOT PowerPoint, was it?” question which always makes me smile – I wish I could share the complete 250 meg file more easily – anyone wishing to get a CD with the full Keynote preso, please email me at gianni(at)catalfamo(dot)com; in the meanwhile the gist is below in boring format:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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