Whose OS you surfin’ on?

Forget the smartphone market shares:  your device MIGHT be able to take you to the Heavenly Mobile Internets, but is it ? Or is it an absurdly complicated software preventing you from wasting your hard-earned cash on inane pastimes like Twitter or Foursquare ?

Well, it appears the latter is true – when you measure how much of the U.S. data traffic is driven by which OS, the picture is unmistakable. I find very interesting (and surprising for me) that Android is so close to iPhone OS.

Click for full engadget article

Good bye, RIM and WinMo. Where are you, Symbian ?

Not entirely comparable (for one thing WW vs. US only) but especially impressive when you consider the relative marketshares of smartphones by OS:

Click for full GigaOM article

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