Malleable Social Graphs

Great post by Scoble on LBS and their future, should Facebook get their act together. Special appreciation for the notion of “Malleable social graphs” which I find very much expressive.

Malleability captures the fact that I do not need to be in contact with my whole Social Graph all the time – and in fact I am not. I do not instinctively talk movies with those among my friends that are not into movies.

I have a small very cogent example. I sort of like pizza (who doesn’t) but I particularly like the pizza as they make it at Spontini; not all of my friends share this preference, so I know when to propose Spontini and when not based on who I am with at the moment. Now assume I am in Pavia or Torino and some of this mini-mob (Spontini fans) suggest a pizza joint there; does this not make it more attractive to me for lunch? You bet it does.

Once again, virtual life morphs to capture more of real life’s complexity.

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