Free advice for the geniuses of mobile

Websites that are to be used from mobile devices should have short URLs – better still, should require as few keystrokes as possible (including multiple keystrokes to reach the letter on the three letter group associated with a physical key):

Little quiz: which address is better? Please answer the poll.

Which address is less prone to typos? which address is more likely to be actually used by fat-fingered dorks who – God forbid ! – might use some of the software provided in that page ?

I think you got the picture; so here come my two cents of free advice for Nokia:

  1. Download from this page my super-sophisticated Keystrokes Calculator (as stoopid WP won’t allow me to upload an XLS file, remember to change the extension to XLS before using)
  2. Open a competition for the replacement of that nightmare of an URL with a short one. Free iPhone X6 to the winner !

Here’s my submission: = 25 keystrokes + 2 periods


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