GenC –> GenN (for Now)

A few days ago I nicked from Dan Pankraz’ blog a nice post on the Generation C (where C stands for “Community” or “Connected” or both) manifesto; I am also beginning to read Tomi Ahonen’s essay (Communities dominate Brands) which also talks a good deal about GenC.

But today I came across this post from Nick Carr’s blog commenting this essay by David Gelernter and I found this concept of “Nowness” pretty interesting: quoting the quoter:

The Net’s bias, Gelernter explains, is toward the fresh, the new, the now.

The reason I find this interesting is because it reconciles me with a fundamental issue I always had with stuff like Twitter or IM before: all those interactions get lost in seconds – but perhaps  this is what I have been missing: the fascination of the newer generations for the ability to infinitely “drill” the Internet rather than infinitely “surf” the Internet.

I had always thought that the order we are adding to the Internet vastity by reading and classifying it and linking it and rating it was more valuable than the ability to tune in to everything, but maybe I was wrong all along.

Maybe I hadn’t gotten the gist of GenN.


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