I wish I’d written this.

Gen C


Call me Generation C. The Connected Collective.

I socialise. I share. I swarm.

Give me contact. Social media. Life sharing. Lifestreaming. Show me your Facebook. Google it. Myspace me.

Give me conversation. Something to talk about. Something to give my friends something to talk about.

Give me social status.

Give me co-creation. Mix it. Mash it. Remix. Remash.

Give me content. Real, dynamic, not TV. Content that I can watch when I want. I want my own channel.

Give me constant change. Constantly. Spontaneously.

Give me collaboration. I trust my friends. I trust my peers. I trust Digg. Do you trust me?

Give me loads of friends for my different personalities. I am a chameleon, not a creature of habit.

Give me creativity. I need a blank canvas. Let me create my own identities. Let me share my creations.

Give me customisation. I want my own. I want to make my own. I want to make myself.

Give me cyber, my life is virtually real. The world is on.

Give me celebrity. Now. And Again. Remember this Facebook.

I am  not the same. I am different.

I am not like you. I am ME.


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