Life as a teacher

This weekend I got a glimpse of something I suspected for a long time: being a teacher is HARD WORK !

This weekend was my slot at the Master on “Online, Offline and Unconventional” marketing and communications, where I spoke about targeting, i.e. understanding people to do a better job at influencing them, but in a background of a less passive interaction between brands and people.

A thoroughly interesting subject, on which I spoke many times, but there is one huge difference between doing a 40-minutes speech and teaching a 16-hours segment.

I was lucky, though, as I had a very forgiving and attentive audience (is this because they are all women?) and they certainly helped my by asking questions and stopping me when I went astray. We had some fun with the exercises, also and overall I felt the two days went through quite quickly and we made good progress.

As always, the proof is in the pudding, i.e. what did they get out of all this talking ? Was there something they will find useful in their day job ? As a teacher, one hopes so.

For me, although I felt physically exhausted on sunday night, I think it was also a good exercise to line up my ducks in a neat row, and go from start to finish in one sequence. I doubt a client will ever want me to speak about this for sixteen hours, but you never know…


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