Travel absurdities

The double session in Madrid was an excellent one – lots of interaction and excitement, and LOTS of potential ! Way to go, Ludi and her team !!!

But the trip won’t hear of improving. I’m stuck in Madrid Barajas Airport for at least three hours, (blaming it on french strikes – everybody always blames the french, I wonder who do THEY blame…) hoping that bloody Lufthansa didn’t pull one on me when they said they were positive that my flight would NOT be canceled? Hear that, Lufthansa? I trusted you, and tomorrow is my wife’s birthday, so you are warned!

But this is not the end of it. I think I know how to survive in an airport, so I went exploring Barajas, with whom I am fairly unaccustomed; but hey, I cannot. I am stuck in this block of perhaps 50 meters with two shops, one restaurant, and that’s it. Attempts to move beyond the boundaries of block “C” were rejected on grounds of security (always hard to argue with armed semi-military personnel) but this is preposterous! What kind of security breach can I represent in block “B” that I do not represent in block “C” ?

All I wanted to do is go where David is, equally stuck as I am, maybe we could have had a beer together – but this probably qualify as conspiracy, Gawd !!

I has already noticed last week in Barcelona how Spain is obsessed with security, I guess it has to do with terrorist actions, but although terrible, were the actions in Spain really that worse than those in France, Italy, Germany or the UK?

I wonder how much of this security scare is the government propaganda, and how much is real…

So here’s my plan: read a book, maybe buy an online italian newspaper (thank you, Kindle!) watch a movie (thank you, iPod !), dinner and maybe more ranting against Lufthansa and Barajas if things get worse.


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