More airmiles

Second batch of the training roadshow is coming up, hitting London and Madrid. Looking forward to some great discussions with my colleagues who I know have done some great projects with Social Media and Digital.

The day however starts a bit on the wrong side. I have the habit, when I am traveling, to set my alarm clock 3 hours before departure time, but when I walk out of the shower I discover I have somehow lost 45 minutes ! This is serious, but not impossible to fix; I speed up the rest of the morning routine and try to checkin online to save time but, alas, the website the fight has been canceled. Call center doesn’t open for another two hours, so rush at the airport, park and run to the checkin counters where they say the flight is indeed operational, but I am late.

Pleads and threats serve nothing with their teutonic inflexibility, nor does my flashing my frequent flyer card and I am hopelessly routed back to the ticket counter for rebooking. There another clerk hears my story and criticizes me for coming to the airport too late, but just when I am about to bash my suitcase through the glass, he angelically says “But sir, you ARE checked in on this flight, you should be at the gate instead of here messing with me”.

Who said travelers do not get exercise?

Another rush two floors down, skip a mile long line at security and somehow manage to get to the gate when they say that “Er, no, you are NOT checked in”; thanks to the God of stupid flyers, there is indeed one last seat left and I am saved by another passenger with a ¬†checked-in bag who is even later than yours truly.

With a start like this, this cannot be but the most successful of days !


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