Google goodies

I admit I hadn’t checked the standard Google Search page in a while – today I did and found some surprises which are probably going to be of interest to those who do Social Media (like myself).

We are very keen on the “fuzzy modeling” to describe concept used by people – modeling is necessary to thoroughly understand how user talk about a certain topic – for example, we might be interested in finding out conversations about a drug, but people might in reality talk about their pathological condition.

This “Wonder Wheel” provides a quick-and-dirty rough analysis, by listing the words more often associated with the target one.

Or again, this “Related searches” panel lists the searches that are more closely related with the target one.

Finally (although probably only marginally useful) there is a Timeline graph that shows popularity of the searched word over time – the datation of each occurrence is interestingly lbased NOT on the post date (otehrwise I don’t think we’d find posts attributed to the nineteenth century) but on the interpretation of the content.


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