Is Flash really dying ?

When the iPad was announced a few days ago, there was a lot of hubbub about the fact it doesn’t support Flash – finding several authoritative posts that were really casting doubt over whether this is intentional and Apple knows something we don’t, I started following this topic and, alas, today a link to Jilion pops up.

Wanna see what a HTML5 video looks like ? No browser, no plugins, no nothing? If you have Chrome or Safari, click on the picture and enjoy.

Click to watch

Try also from you iPod Touch / iPhone.

Is this the reason ADBE went from 37 a week ago to 32? Is Flash really dying? I honestly don’t know, and while I see the advantage of moving to a “standard” I also remember how long it usually takes to agree on one. If you’d like a more technical review, I found this article by Richard Leggett quite balanced and complete.


2 thoughts on “Is Flash really dying ?

  1. Announcing the Preview of GfxEditor – The most powerful graphics application on the Internet, developed using Flash 8:

    You can go to the website right now and checkout videos of this amazing application that I have made. You can also signup for an account, see some nice artwork on the gallery and post comments on the blog.

    The launch date is set for the 1th of May 2010.

    GfxEditor enables you to create graphics much faster, a lot easier and for many purposes. The most important ingredients are built into the application: Advanced tools for page layouting, drawing, imaging and printing on merchandise. No other graphics editor has this kind of integration.

    With all this negative talk in the media lately, about how Flash is “Dying” and that it’s “An old technology” (Said by Steve Jobs, Apple), this shows that Flash is most certainly not dying. It would not be possible to create this application with any other web-based technology.

    Please spread this news to everybody you know.

    Thank you.

    Mario Gomes Cavalcanti
    Founder, CEO, developer of Mersica Inc.

  2. Yes, Flash is dying.

    Just use ‘google trends’ to get the proof.

    Try ‘actionscript’ instead of ‘Flash’ because the discussion about Flash is to big.

    When looking up global interest in ‘actionscript’ you really see into the minds of former flash developers (and designers who need flash actionscript help) – they start abandon it.

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