Why I will buy an iPad

There is obviously a significant mismatch in most people’ expectations about the iPad which explains the underwhelming reception it got. I still think Apple will sell a ton of these – namely to most of the pundits who are now bawling about how badly Apple disappointed them.

I must say I was expecting to be disappointed, but I was not; I already listed my specs and how the iPad fares against them, but let me now add some “critique to the critique”, i.e. what I think of the most common negatives I have seen around.

No camera

Who the hell needs a camera on that machine? It must be that people do videochats all the time, because I don’t really think there’s a use case somewhere for… a square foot camera!

No flash

O, rly? While annoying, the matter is far from clear as this analysis says. And if stats continue moving in the same direction, perhaps this will not even be around as an issue for long. On the subject, read Scoble and Gina Trapani.

Not pocketable

…this is why they have also announced the iPad Mini (thanks Nicholas for the tip!)


Griffin, give us a dongle !


Cell-based GPS is good enough for navigation, is it not?

My own use case

goes something like this: I will replace my MacBookPro with a 27″ iMac + iPad (two machines cost only about EUR 300 more than the 15″ MBP alone, even assuming a USD to EUR 1:1 conversion rate, as customary for Apple), and will upgrade my Dropbox to 50GB, linking it to the iPad when they make a version for it, which they will, because it makes A LOT of sense – this effectively makes the portable device a data replica of the fixed device

What I gain

  • at the office, I work on the gorgeous 27″ screen (or splurge on the quad-core, but that’s another 300 quid) – no more crouching or suspending arms.
  • when traveling, I will have decent multi-wireless mode Internet browser
  • with all my data should I need it
  • and the ability to run presentations (and possibly make last minute edits)
  • as well as books, videos and music – even though the supreme portability of my classic iPod will probably make it difficult to dislodge, videos will most certainly move (giving me worries about the SSD size)

What I lose (it’s called sarcasm…)

  • Internet USB key,
  • bluetooth/tethered phone connection
  • about 4 pounds + weight of Kindle
  • possibly also the power brick if the 10 hrs battery life claim is true

That’s why I will buy one.


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