4square & BumpTop

New toys.

Finally caved in to 4square as everyone around me seemed to use it – I must say the web interface is dull to say the least, maybe a reason to drop some for and Androphone ? I am not hearing orgasmic noises by early adopters, and it’s still a good 400 quid for an unlocked one, plus -do I want to risk inability to make POTC (plain, old telephone calls) ?

Plus plus: does not seem to do much for me (like, no fancy maps with all my nearest friends or anything), does it, and the Twitter integration means I’m adding more crap to my feed, du’h ! Why do I prefer it to Latitude? (Do I ?)

Also installed BumpTop – have been looking at 3D desktops for a while, and this is the first I try – very happy with it so far, even though I already feel the urge to part from 30 bucks to get the Pro version. I promise I will wait until the end of the week for this, though !


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