The Challenge of Social Media roadshow: an end?

Looks like this friday marked the end of my 24-months old tour of Europe talking about Social Media. At least in its current form.
On friday, I inaugurated in Munich a much more advanced workshop which we did for one of our largest clients there.
It’s a full day event in which the client is walked through what Social Media mean to him and how / when they should consider engaging Social Media. It’s rich in exercises and assumes there is an already good knowledge of the basics of Social media (what they are, what are the fundamental dynamics and so on).
It was hard work to put together a day like this, especially for fear of losing their attention and turning in a death-by-powerpoint (or keynote) type of day; and it’s a long day for the class leader, both physically and mentally.
Having said that, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I believe the day was a success, the client felt engaged right through the end, timing was good even though there were too not many breaks.
The ultimate evaluation is however with the client, and for that my friends Henrike and Raphael who helped me prepare this thing over Christmas are better judges…


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